Special Features

We are the only online platform with a special feature set built specifically for the needs of healthcare and medical organizations, companies, hospital systems, and non-profits. 


Easily organize your committee and section groups with advanced privacy settings

The American Medical Association (AMA) currently runs eight digital communities on the Medstro platform to integrate sections, committees, sub-sections and sub-committees, all with different privacy settings. The AMA implemented the Medstro solution after previously using a hodgepodge of Higher Logic, Basecamp, Google groups, Facebook groups, SharePoint and email listservs.

Members can have a single professional profile and single sign-on to manage all their activities with you.


Interactive Voting in One Technology Platform

Leadership candidates have a dedicated space with a rich profile where they can answer questions from members, and members can vote on the best candidates—No more complaints from members that their elected officials don’t represent them!

Not available on any other platform.

resource sharing.png

Simple-to-use and advanced resource sharing and commenting

Easy-to-use document sharing and commenting capabilities, making it easier to discuss important issues and quicker to get consensus on official committee business and submitted requests and resolutions.

Email sharing can only get you so far. The AMA Integrated Health Models Initiative needed a more integrated, secure system for discussing, sourcing, processing, and building consensus around technically complicated issues like creating semantic standards for interoperability.


Conference-Grade Panel Discussions

Since 2014, the New England Journal of Medicine has hosted over 200 panel discussions (Journal Club, Scientific Expert Panels, Key Opinion Leader Roundtables, and Financial Advice and Mentoring Q&A) on Medstro in their NEJM Resident 360 Community and NEJM Group Open Forum, garnering over 2 million views to date.

Heavily leveraged by the American Medical Association’s eight digital communities to drive new traffic to the site and offer members a place to discuss important topics with the association leadership.

Now you can have a conference-grade panel discussion anytime and anywhere with less overhead and unlimited reach, showcasing your organization’s expertise and leadership.

Not available on any other platform.


Interactive Challenge/Competition capabilities to enhance marketing and reach of traditional Abstract & Poster Competitions

In 2017, the New England Journal of Medicine hosted their NEJM SPRINT Trial Challenge on Medstro, leveraging users to increase traffic and reach. The Challenge generated an unprecedented 143 entries; 16,861 followers; 13,296 online votes; and over 850,000 page views in just 9 months.

Not available on any other platform.



mentor matching.png

Advanced Jobs Board with Two-sided Matching Capabilities

Take the work away from your administrative staff and let users upload their own jobs and volunteer opportunities to your hosted Jobs Board. Set an automatic expiration date to keep the jobs fresh and relevant.

Are users tired of scrolling through an extensive list of job listings, many that aren’t relevant to them? Create a customized two-sided matching marketplace for users to be matched with tailored jobs, volunteer opportunities, and clinical and scientific rotations and opportunities.

After a year of hand-matching and email introductions between physician innovators and digital health companies, the American Medical Association decided to automate this process with the AMA Physician Innovation Network.

More than just a Jobs Board, you can use this feature for any type of matching, such as matching students with mentors, matching investors with entrepreneurs, and matching your members’ expertise with journalists looking for quotes.


Rich resource/content presentation and management system

The New England Journal of Medicine has some of the richest scientific resources available, but they needed a friendlier way to display this to a mobile-savvy audience. They use Medstro to intelligently organize and display traditional resources to a young audience who primarily uses mobile in their NEJM Resident 360 online community for physicians in training.


Highly Customizable

We know that your brand is important, and you know that your members needs the best. We have comprehensive white label and design capabilities to make sure your brand guidelines are followed, and we design for your needs. We’re trusted by the oldest and most protected brands in medicine.


Rich Profiles gathering more data for you

Your members have deep levels of expertise that are hard to capture in off-the-shelf user profiles. Our rich profiles are tailored for the diversity and depth of science and medicine, allowing you to learn and track more information about your members than offered by any other platform.