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Our customers include Philips, Boston Scientific, The University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center, Harvard Medical School’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the American Hospital Association.

We offer a wide range of solutions, from basic to comprehensive, so that you can pick out just the pieces you need, or outsource a fully customized digital challenge platform and live event production team without your team lifting a finger


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Challenges as internal and external drivers of innovation


Our internally-focused challenges allow you to draw ideas and solutions from internal crowds and invited audiences, while our externally-focused challenges tap into our established network of 250,000+ of the brightest minds in science, medicine, and healthcare.


Externally-Facing Challenges

Market more effectively and innovate faster with less risk and lower cost

Market Better and Engage Difficult-to-Access Science and Healthcare Leaders

  • Engage and educate a wider, technology savvy audience about you, your brand, and your capabilities in a controlled social media setting

  • Leverage your users and access their difficult-to-find niche micro-communities with controlled, but incentivized crowd-voting

  • Profile and market your internal experts as judges

  • Build a targeted audience year after year

  • Gather more detailed information about your users and their needs than with traditional communications

A Low Cost, Creative, Highly Educated Research and Development Team

  • Access a vast virtual workforce without adding a penny to payroll

  • Access Medstro’s premier network of over 250,000 physicians, nurses, physician assistants, hospital administrators, researchers, scientists, engineers, innovators, and students from over 200 countries

  • Access millions more through our partnerships

  • Create a light-weight, high-touch purposeful experience that allows your team to talk directly with community experts in your pre-defined problem area

  • Don’t pay for failure. Except for Ideation Challenges, you only pay awards for solutions that fully meet your criteria and needs

Can Be Stand-Alone and White Labeled or Part of the Medstro Challenges Website

Internally-Facing Challenges

Create Cross-Talk and Teamwork Among Verticals, Build Employee Morale

  • Quick and effortless way to focus internal brainpower to solve key problems before looking outside

  • Cost-effective way to create cross-talk among verticals that typically never collaborate

  • Build employee excitement and morale around a common purpose

  • Encourage incredibly smart and creative employees to stretch their legs and learn from each other

  • Keep sensitive information “inside” the company

  • Integrates with single sign-on for secure authentication


Special Technology Features that Automate Your Success

Notable Challenges on Medstro's Platform


NEJM Case Study

Sensitive Data, Controlled Environment,
Impressive Collaboration, Unprecedented Social Reach

In their SPRINT Data Analysis Challenge, The New England Journal of Medicine made the bold move to make sensitive National Institute of Health (NIH) trial data available to any scientist or clinician.

Their top healthcare specific concerns were as follows:

•    Ability to vet the scientist or clinician asking for the data

•    Ability to communicate with the users in a protected, but technologically efficient environment

•    Ability to perform a private screening round of submissions to provide a safe but technologically efficient space for the internal judges and experts to guide the submitters

•    Ability to run a second public submission round to encourage worldwide collaboration and unprecedented social reach

•    High level of customization to ensure their strict branding guidelines were followed

Because of our reputation and attention to excellence, Medstro was the trusted platform they chose. The results were astounding. Over the short course of 5 months, the challenge closed with 143 entries  garnering 16,700+ users who followed the challenge and created rich profiles and cast 13,200+ votes, which resulted in 850,000+ page views.

Live Event Production Expertise

Leverage our Expertise or get the full White Glove Experience

Medstro has produced over 15 incredibly popular live events over the last 4 years

Medstro and MedTech Boston have an established reputation for producing high-quality, engaging events for healthcare innovation

Our brand recognition and brand value are unparalleled. We always sell out.

If you have a limited budget, you can use our vetted and refined cookbooks “Key Steps for a Successful Healthcare Innovation Event” and “Easy-to-Use Detailed Checklist” to make your Healthcare Innovation Event a Success” along with hand-on attention from our experts to tailor this knowledge to your needs.

We also have full event production capabilities so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Mentions & Proof Points

“An open innovation model inspires ideas on harnessing analytics in digital health, “ Boston Scientific Executive Perspective, 2018 -