Medstro Online Communities Retention Rate is Double Industry Average

With starting Medstro 5 years ago, I was driven with the passion to create a really powerful software to allow members of the healthcare community to connect to each other on a digital platform. By that time, I had finished 4 years of medical school training, 3 years of internal medicine training, and 2 years of nephrology specialty training.

During that entire time (9 years of waiting), I had held this strangely idealistic and beautiful idea of what the healthcare system would be—a calm place of healing, a deeply meaningful relationship among practitioners and patients, and a powerful support system at some of the most stressful times in our lives.

To say the least, I was disappointed in what I found the real American healthcare system to be.

As we all know, there are many things in healthcare and medicine that need to be improved, and so many dedicated people who want to improve it. We just need to give them a forum to talk.

Jen Wide in front of Long Hospital Hallway.jpg

I’m so proud that the Medstro online communities software continues to lead the way in bringing together the healthcare community to drive meaningful conversations.

The company is ecstatic to announce that our retention rate if DOUBLE the industry average.

The Mixpanel Benchmarks Report 2017 defines “retention” as the following: “Did a person perform an action—any action—and then come back and perform another action?” over the course of eight weeks. Mixpanel feels that this is the best metric for testing true engagement.

Medstro Retention Rate on Mixpanel Graph.png

Because of our deeply engaging feature set, tailored for healthcare, medicine, and science, Medstro has a retention rate across all our communities that is 46.5% at 8 weeks, more than DOULBE the industry average.

This feature set includes the best and most advanced panel discussion, Journal Club, Morning Report, Grand Rounds, and Scientist Case Studies offered by any software on the market. Having run over 400 of these in the last 4 years, our average views per discussion range from 5,000-30,000 for public-facing discussions over 7-10 days. Some have upwards of 100,000 views.

For more details about the Medstro online communities software, including the entire feature set and key customers, click here!